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Instant Health Insurance Quotes: Having health insurance is very important, not just because you need to make sure that you are covered when something goes wrong or because you get sick, but because having health insurance can help you save money in the long run. Obviously, having health insurance comes with a price and sometimes that price is a burden, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of health insurance companies who are willing to work with you to get you the best kind of health insurance for you and your family. Your first step to a great health insurance plan is to get a quote. Quotes are easy to get and you can get instant insurance quotes on the internet. The internet is chocked full of great ways to make daily errands faster.

Therefore, one way to make things much faster in the health insurance department is to go online and sign up for a quote. Quotes are free and you should never be persuaded to pay for any information that should be free. So if you come across a health insurance company who requires that you pay them for a quote, then stop right there. There is no way in the world you should have to pay to get a quote for health insurance. Go to another website until you find a good company that is willing to work with you. Paying for a price quote for health insurance is unheard of, especially on the internet.

Many people believe that affordable health insurance is way out of their reach. We have all witnessed a great recession that had everyone remembering the nightmare of the Great Depression, especially those who lived through it. The recession took out jobs, many people lost their homes to foreclosure and a lot of major companies took a government bailout, just to keep their doors open. Obviously, the recession did a little bit of damage to everyone. Many people are still trying to put their lives back together, even though the recession has long since moved out. Companies are finally starting to hire again, only problem is that more people need jobs than jobs are truly available to be filled by people.

If this is your situation, rest assured that there are so many other people in your same situation. But there is an answer when it comes to getting health insurance for your family. There are places available online that are designed to help you find great and instant health insurance quotes so that you can decide what plan might be best for you. There is always someone willing to help when it comes to providing health insurance. You are taking a great risk by going around without medical health coverage. If you work, there is a plan out there for you.

I thought I could get by without insurance. Well, I was proved wrong. My folks are older, getting on up in age. They are both retired and have good pensions coming in. My dad draws a Federal Government pension, and my mom is retired after being an elementary school teacher for 40 years. They are both old enough to qualify for Medicare and then pay for a supplemental insurance plan that serves as a co-pay.

They are some of the few people living in the United States who planned ahead, did not make risky investments over the years, and made sure that they saved their money, paid into their retirement plans, whether a government-backed pension plan or a Roth IRA, and lived frugally. My parents were little right after the Great Depression. My mom tells how they had meat only once a week. My grandmother would make salmon and rice one night a week, lima beans and macaroni and cheese another night, stewed tomatoes and rice another night, all supplemented by whatever vegetables were growing on the farm at that time. And families helped families. Even I remember an aunt or uncle coming by the house with extra peaches, pecans, squash, cucumbers – any vegetable that family had an abundance of, they shared with the other members of their family.

This was the way family worked back then. They were very frugal people and they looked out for each other. I think we still look out for each other, but we’ve lost that frugal way of living. It’s easy to go to McDonald’s or any other drive-thru restaurant and pick up dinner. And meat almost always seems to be a part of each and every meal. Well, you don’t need meat at every meal.

Just think of the money you could save. And think of the cholesterol and fat your are picking up along the way. It’s very convenient, though, while being unhealthy. Maybe if you went for a salad at the drive-thru or even went and got a Subway sandwich you would be doing okay, but it’s hard to turn down a good old hamburger, fries and shake when the price is so low. Work at keeping your food budget low by preparing your meals at home the healthy way. It will save you money so you will be able to pay for your health insurance policy, and you will be making yourself healthier at the same time.

That money you save in so many areas can be used to help pay for your medical health insurance policy. And you are not looking out for yourself or your family if you don’t have an insurance policy in place. I speak from experience here. I’m in my early 40s, married, two children. Not too many years ago, our daughter began being extremely thirsty, urinated a lot, I mean a whole lot, she was extremely tired all the time, and she began to lose weight even though she was eating like a sumo wrestler. My wife noticed the symptoms get worse and worse and finally took her in to the pediatrician.

My wife told the doctor what was going on, and the doctor immediately tested for Type 1 diabetes. The results were positive. The doctor told my wife that our daughter had all the classic symptoms of juvenile diabetes mellitus, and the blood work proved that to be the case. I work. I have a good medical family health insurance policy through my company. Yes, we have an annual deductible.

Yes, I always looked at it like it was a burden. It is Blue Cross Blue Shield, a great policy. But I don’t look at it as a burden any longer. I tell you, seriously, I don’t know how we would have made it if it hadn’t been for that health insurance policy while our daughter was going through this health crisis. We would have been bankrupt. I know that for a fact.

Immediately, our daughter was hospitalized at Children’s National Medical Center located in the Washington, D.C., area. A great hospital in that it allowed me or my wife to spend the night in our daughter’s hospital room so she would not feel afraid and alone. Those first few days were not easy. Our daughter had to learn how to work an insulin pump that was attached to her body. She had to learn how to use a blood glucose meter and understand what those numbers meant. She had to learn how many calories were in foods.

She had to learn what carbs were. She had to learn that fruits are a carb. She had to learn that protein is her friend. So many things she had to learn. And we had to learn right along with her. If it hadn’t been for the insulin pump, she would have gone on daily injections of insulin, so we were lucky in that regard, but she still had to learn how to inject herself just in case she had to go off the pump for any period of time.

The hospitalization cost was enormous, but we only had to pay the co-pay. Still, it was big dig in our pocket to come up with the money, but we made it through. But it didn’t end with the hospital stay. Our health insurance policy helped us all along the way. Our daughter has to have her A1C checked every couple of months. That’s a blood test that is performed that tells her doctor how well she has been controlling her blood sugar levels over a number of months.

What an informative blood test result that is. And I will tell you that some times those A1C levels are great, well within the normal range, and at other times they A1C numbers are too high, which means that she hasn’t been controlling her diabetes quite as well as she should. She never gets criticism from us, only encouragement. We see what our daughter goes through to control this disease, this chronic disease, this disease that is never going away until a cure is found for it. This is a horrible disease to be thrust upon a young person. Where did the diabetes come from?

Well, who knows? There are theories all over the place out there. People tend to get Type 1 diabetes confused with Type 2 diabetes. In Type 1 diabetes, a person’s pancreas just goes kaput in making insulin. No insulin is produced. The only way that person can survive is for that person to take an artificial insulin.

And taking that artificial insulin has to be rigged in with the amount of food you eat, the exercise you have daily with the amount of insulin that is injected. In Type 2 diabetes (used to be called adult onset diabetes) is another story. In a lot of cases, this is a condition that can be controlled through diet and exercise and weight loss and taking oral medication until you get your A1C blood work back to normal. This used to be a disease that was limited primarily to adults. That is not the case anymore. More and more young people are being diagnosed with this condition and it might have a lot to do with lifestyle.

Too many burgers, too many fries, too many afternoons spent in front of the TV rather than being outside playing. All sorts of theories. But getting back to Type 1 diabetes. This will never go away. As I said before, no cure. So we constantly have doctor appointments.

We are so very thankful that we had that health insurance policy. And she will be able to stay on my company plan for many years to come. After that, I will have to go online and get medical health insurance quotes to find an insurance policy that will cover her. And they will cover her. I just have to make sure that she never goes one day without insurance, and she will be covered by a new insurance company, a policy of her own, but I will have to sift through the insurance companies until I find the one that “we,” as a family, feel is best for her to go with. Without my researching on the internet and getting insurance quotes, it would be an almost impossible task.

A family health insurance policy helps with any terrible diagnosis that you receive. It could be AIDS, it could be ovarian cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, brain tumor, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple myeloma, multiple sclerosis, melanoma, bladder cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer, tumors in any parts of the body, whether malignant or not, and even Tourette’s Syndrome. Your health insurance doesn’t have to be limited to coverage on catastrophic diseases and conditions. Just think how much it costs for a doctor’s visit for a strep throat, an ear infection, an eye infection, bronchial pneumonia or a broken leg. A good family health insurance policy helps you out in every medical corner that you can get jammed into. And there are lots of conditions that can jam you up that aren’t deadly diagnoses.

Nope, a broken leg can run into thousands of dollars. An emergency room visit can wipe out your limited savings. Autism is everywhere in this day and age. Where did this come from? No one seems to know. They blamed it on the preservatives in the inoculation, immunization, shots our kids received for many years, and then that was proven not to be the case.

Well, they removed the preservative that they thought caused it, and children are still getting diagnosed with autism. When my wife was pregnant with our kids, Down’s Syndrome was the big concern. Now, it looks like autism might be right up there with Down’s Syndrome in the statistics. I don’t know about that, but you hear so much about autism that you know it’s real, a real condition, and just imagine the medical expenses for a family who has a child diagnosed with this condition. Astronomical. Take care of your family and yourself by getting an insurance quote for health insurance.

You can’t do anything better for them. We are living longer and longer through preventive care, and good treatments when you do get a diagnosis of some serious health condition that involves hospitalizations and doctors’ visits. This health insurance policy will cover a lot of the costs associated with those medical bills. Do it. Get a good health insurance policy for you and your family. Get that quote for health insurance.

You will never regret it.