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Massage is one of the most enjoyable experiences of people can imagine. The massage relaxes, tones, helps us to calm down and feel better. For thousands of people practice many types of massage. The massage is called “Lomi Lomi” or “love of hand massage. ” The translation of Lomi-Lomi means massage or friction, and left us by the ancient Polynesian healers, transmitted from generation to generation. Hunan-main Hawaiian philosophy of life and happiness is the essence of this type of exotic massage. The harmony in the body is governed by the flow of energy flow in the body, according to the understanding of the ancient Polynesians. Disharmony causes a disease which occurs in the body and constant pressure, which are subject to block the free flow of energy.

To be properly implemented and massage to achieve the desired effect, massage should be done with love, the heart of the healer must be clean. Hunan teaches us that every cell in our body has its own memory, Lomi-Lomi, not only physical but also psychological act – affects all aspects of our existence. The practitioner puts his whole being when Lomi-Lomi, meaning heart, mind, soul and body. Professional works with oils uses hands, forearms and body weight. Since this is a full body massage mobile participant wears a loincloth. This allows the integration of long strokes up and down through the body. Continuous, rhythmic movements of varying intensity seems delicious in many hands working together. It is through the Lomi-Lomi to relieve blocked energy, negative emotions are eliminated, and the effect lasts long after the procedure.

Lomi Lomi can be described as massage of the future of the past. This king of massage is an amazing experience, not only for the body to the mind as well.

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