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My name is Elisa Goldrich, and I am an Independent Herbalife Distributor. Im not a doctor, but I read a lot and have experienced many things. I am straightforward and to the point. I would like to share some of what I have learned with you. In each of my articles, I will give you some basic health and nutrition information that you and your loved ones may find personally helpful. Let me tell you a little about me and how I came to Herbalife. I have been interested in health and nutrition for many years.

I started working out regularly more than twenty years ago when health clubs were a big fad. But Ive stayed with it. About 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with extremely high cholesterol, even after all the years of cardio work outs. I was not particularly large, but high cholesterol runs in my family. My Total Cholesterol was about 315. Healthy is considered to be below 170. I refused to go on medication because the monographs, the summary of information on a medication, say there is a risk to the kidney and liver from most cholesterol-reducing drugs.

I want to live a good long life and did not want to compromise those organs. So, I got even stricter with my diet (good bye to cheese, red meat, hot wings, etc. ) and increased my workouts from 2 times a week to between 4 and 6 times a week. Over a four and a half year period, I successfully lowered my Total Cholesterol to 240. Right direction, but not good enoughI still had at least 70 points to go. When I found Herbalife, I immediately got on the Cellular Nutrition Program and the Heart Healthy products. In 3 weeks I brought my Total Cholesterol from 240 to 189!

YEAH! Right direction and a reasonable speed too. Ive even been able to add back a few of my favorite bad foods in moderation and still keep my cholesterol under control. Have you ever considered your hearts health? Cholesterol is a part of Heart Health. I know the terms can be overwhelming in the beginning, so let me start with some definitions and simple discussion. It helped me to start I hope that it may be of some assistance to you, too.

Here are some simple facts. Whether you are healthy, or have some medical concerns, this may be of interest for you and your loved ones. Total Cholesterol: A type of fat made by your body and found in foods from animals. HDL (good cholesterol): Most people dont know that HDL means high density lipids. This kind of fat is called good cholesterol because it removes excess total cholesterol from your arteries. Just remember HDL is the good kind. LDL (bad cholesterol): Low density lipids contribute to the build-up of fat in your arteries, which can cause decreased blood flow and reduced oxygen and nutrients being delivered to your heart and other organs.

Just remember LDL is the bad kind. Triglycerides: Another form of fat that can indicate other potential problems such as high cholesterol. High triglycerides means too much fat floating in your blood. Homocysteine: Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins and enzymes that make your bodys chemical processes function. In excess, this amino acid is another risk factor for heart disease, meaning high homocysteine levels are a danger sign for heart health. Blood pressure: An indicator of how hard your heart is pumping; high blood pressure can lead to heart attacks or stroke Heart health isnt cut and dried. Its more a matter of Are you at risk for having heart disease?

Things that affect your degree of risk are called risk factors. Do You Know Your Numbers? The first step in heart health is understanding some facts and risk factors such as: You can control certain heart health risk factors, such as cholesterol, blood pressure, stress, obesity and smoking. There are heart health risk factors you cannot control; family history, sex, race and age all play a role. 50% of US men and 41% of women have undesirable LDL cholesterol levels. 2 Heart disease is projected to be the fastest-growing health condition in the US between 2003-2013 for men and women. 3 Based on NCEP ATP III Based on Circulation 1995 Based on JNC7 Control Your Cholesterol a risk factor that you can manage Do you realize that by eating soy protein, and using the right supplements to get Omega 3 Fatty Acids and plant sterols, that you can reduce and then maintain your cholesterol at an ideal level?

It takes 7 8 weeks to see a clinically valid result. Use an Herbalife product called Core Complex . It has the following benefits: Provides plant sterols, found in soybeans, that have been shown to reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) and total cholesterol. Provides antioxidant protection to support circulation and healthy blood vessels. Have you ever heard of Nitric Oxide (NO)? Nitric Oxide improves the flow of blood throughout the body by increasing the elasticity of our blood vessels. Nitric Oxide supplementation can provide a cascade of benefits including improved circulatory, immune and nervous system functions.

When we sleep the NO levels are at their lowest, so by supplementing with Niteworks we increase our levels of NO during the evening. I highly recommend this product to improve your circulatory, immune and nervous systems. Feel free to contact me at

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