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The holidays are over and a new year is upon us to have a healthy. Your resolution for the New Year is being more health conscious. You have gone to the doctor and his results are; lose weight, lower the cholesterol. Being in the same position a year ago, I have found lowering the cholesterol will help you lose weight. To have a healthy heart is not just limited to losing weight or about exercise.

Along with keeping up with research and so many new methods out there to control the blood pressure, watch for diabetes there are easy, every-day practical and gratifying ways to help maintain a healthy . Lowering cholesterol and losing weight are necessary to take care of your heart and increase your heart health. With moderation, you can have a healthy heart, live longer and enjoy life. Something to know, smoking by women in the US causes almost as many deaths from heart disease as from lung cancer. As a smoker, you are two to six times more likely to suffer a heart attack than a non-smoking woman is, and the risk increases with the number of cigarettes you smoke each day.

Smoking also is one of the leaders in the risk of stroke. Men smokers are also at great risk. Smoking is a major risk factor for peripheral vascular disease, a narrowing of the blood vessels that carry blood to the leg and arm muscles. The walls of the blood vessels that carry blood to the brain can be affected by smoking causing strokes and sudden death. If you quit smoking, in 1 year your risk of heart disease will drop by more than half.

Quitting will reduce the risk of a second heart attack in someone who has already had According to a study The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, females who drank decaf or regular coffee at lunchtime had a substantial reduction in the risk of Type-2 diabetes compared to those that did not drink coffee It is believed that the nutrients in coffee aids in slowing digestion and supports maintain healthy sugar levels in the blood. Coffee is found to ward off chronic inflammation at the same time promotes the production of “good” cholesterol (HDL). Sleep deprivation can add to “belly fat. That belly fat can cause and claim a big role in inflammation adding heart attacks and strokes. Sleeping six to eight hours, a night is a good compromise.

One of the pleasures if you are a chocolate lover, this tip will be easy for you! For ten years, a German study was preformed and was found that the chocolate lovers had healthier hearts. Eating chocolates have proven to be a more beneficial for your heart by lowering your blood pressure and keeping a lower risk of heart attacks and strokes. An ounce of dark chocolate per day will support healthy blood vessels and overall heart health. Lower  levels of blood pressure at the same time reduce stress by spending time doing things you want to do.

Enjoy the outdoors, take in nature, and enjoy the company of your friends. You would be surprised on how much just a walk outdoors can clear your head and relax you. It is easy to get started to release stress by doing 30 minutes of a moderate-level activity on most (it is suggested all days) days of the week. Brisk walking, bicycling, and gardening are the most common of examples. Some divide the 30 minutes into shorter periods of at least 10 minutes each.

For example, being physically active is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent or control high blood pressure. Being physically active also helps reduce the risk of heart disease. It does not take a lot of exertion to become physically active Most people do not need to see a doctor before they start a moderate-level of physical activity. But it is suggested that you check first with your doctor if you have had any of these situations; heart trouble or have had a heart attack, if you have a family history of heart disease at an early age, if you are 50+ and are not used to moderate-level physical activity, or if you have any other serious health problem. By adopting a healthy heart lifestyle, you can take steps to prevent high blood pressure.

Include these steps by maintaining a healthy weight, being physically active, keep a healthy diet that emphasizes fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy foods; foods with less salt and sodium. Moderation in drinking, if you do drink. Overweight increases the risk of developing high blood pressure. As your body, weight increases so does your blood pressure. Just losing 10 pounds can lower blood pressure.

Obesity is also a risk factor for heart disease and can increase the chance of high blood cholesterol and diabetes. Many restaurants are becoming more and more healthy heart and weight conscious. You can get their recipe secrets and cook at home while saving time, money. Make your own fast food and restaurant dishes! Click here to get all of the restaurant secret recipes at home and have great food while maintaining proper health.

Today by far the chicken is the most popular meat dish. The Olive Garden has one of the most tasty and healthy heart chicken pasta dishes. Here is my comparison dish to the Olive Garden’s offering. Give my recipe a try and see what you think. 1 pound cooked (or left over) chicken breast (skinless & boneless) cut in bite size piece Cook pasta as on package.

Cook the spinach in microwave as package describes. . Drain the spinach well (I usually squeeze out all excess liquid). Take the minced garlic and add to a hot skillet with oil to sauté. Saute only takes a couple of minutes do not “brown” the garlic.

Watch for spattering, add the well drained spinach and poultry season, salt and pepper. Add the chicken pieces to the spinach, stir and turn and add a small amount of the chicken broth as it cooks down. What you are doing is “heating” all ingredients. Remove pasta and immediately drain. Add the pasta into the spinach mixture and blend well.

Serve immediately with Parmesan. If you want to try a real copy of the   Olive Garden Heart Healthy Chicken And Pasta Recipe  click here to get more info on this great recipe and more great healthy heart recipe secrets.

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