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Sometimes very annoying if you can not sleep at night, so it had a very sleepy during the day. This may be due to several things, but in this article that will be discussed is adequate sleep. Also accompanied some of the questions that will determine the adequacy of your sleep. Scale Epworth sleepiness: the Epworth sleepiness scale, which is formulated by a doctor from Melbourne Epworth Hospital is a useful tool to help you evaluate the level you experience drowsiness during the day and help you determine whether you are getting enough sleep or not. To complete the questions, you can visit online www. nytol. co. uk Read more › These elements consist of fats in the blood cholesterol, triglycerides, phospholipids and free fatty acids.

Only a quarter of the cholesterol contained in the blood directly from the digestive tract from being absorbed from food, the rest is the result of the body’s own production by liver cells. Of fat into the body with food is converted into cholesterol, triglycerides, phospholipids and free fatty acids. This transformation occurs during the process of digestion in the gut. The four elements of the fat was absorbed from the intestine and into the blood. Read more › 11. Jan. 2013 7 Ways to Maintain Balance Cholesterol In The Body Size womb balanced diet is a diet consisting of: - 60% of calories coming from carbohydrates - 15% of calories come from protein - 25% of calories come from fat - Calories from saturated fat should not be more than 10%. Excessive caloric intake comes from the many (many food) or use a little energy (less activity).

Excessive calories coming from carbohydrates and can cause increased levels of triglycerides, which are: - Foods that contain high carbohydrates are rice, cakes, snacks, noodles, bread, and so on. - Foods that contain high animal protein are meat, fish, shrimp, egg white. - Foods that contain high vegetable protein are nuts. Read more › A variety of evidence has shown that people who sleep less than five hours each night had a shorter length of life than those who slept seven to eight hours. But strangely enough, more than eight hours of sleep can also shorten the life. So how long is ideal? Research tells us that the idea of ​​sleeping for eight hours a day is normal for healthy adults proved to be only a myth and the amount of sleep a night on average in adults might be closer to a number between seven and a half hours. Read more › There are two factors that can lead to increased cholesterol in the blood, the following two factors: Genetic factors associated with the condition of the body produces too much cholesterol.

We know that 80% of the cholesterol in the blood produced by the body itself. But in the body of every person, the actual production of cholesterol is different. This can be caused by heredity factors. Read more › Fat is one of the elements that are needed by the body. Its function is memprodusi wide range of hormones, nerve tissue wrapping, coating the cell membrane, solvent vitamins (A, D, E and K). for children cholesterol is very important especially for developing brain cells that help intelligence. In human blood fat that consists of cholesterol, triglycerides, phospholipids and free fatty acid foods. Cholesterol, phospholipids and triglycerides is a bond called a lipoprotein.

Task it is to dissolve fat ties and running it in the blood. Read more › Our bodies definitely need energy for daily activity. Energy comes from the food and beverage intake. Various certain foods containing fats, nutrients, protein, carbohydrates, and many others. Beside that, the foods we eat contain cholesterol, saturated fat and unsaturated fat. These three elements are contained in the fat that enters the body through food. Especially cholesterol, people sometimes fear that if cholesterol is not normal. While on the other side of cholesterol is needed by the body for energy combustion process.

The question is, what kind of cholesterol that? Read more › Wake and sleep cycles regulated by circadian rhythms and sleep homeostat. Circadian rhythm is an internal clock that determines when we felt like we wanted to sleep and when to wake up. When eating, physical activity patterns, and direct interaction with sunlight and darkness can all affect these rhythms. Homeostat sleep is a mechanism that is controlled by brain chemicals such as melatonin, which is responsible to make sure your body is getting a sufficient amount of sleep to function. Melatonin production is stimulated by darkness and inhibited by the presence of light. Read more › You may have dreams at any stage of sleep, but dreams are experienced during REM dreams are likely to be far from real life, while the dream of appearing on the stage of NREM probably closer to the real thing as well as dealing with everyday life . You can spend at least two hours every night to dream, if you think or feel that you are not dreaming, it’s probably because you can not remember that you have only dreamed of.

Currently the easiest to remember what comes in a dream is the first few minutes after you wake up in the morning. This is because it is easier to remember dreams that appear on REM and REM phases is largely present in the first hours. But if you do not consciously make an effort to remember your dreams, the memory will simply disappear.

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