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Progress for the week ending on September 04, 2010 The past week I did not lose any weight. I weighed in at 191 pounds on Saturday, September 04, 2010. It was a bit of disappointment because I thought I was losing more weight than I actually did. I felt my body change and it just did not make sense. After getting over my initial disappointment, I started to evaluate what I did and did not do last week.

I don’t let the disappointment take over, rather I just evaluate my behavior. It is not an easy task because as every human being, I am tempted to blame things that go wrong on anything and everything rather than taking responsibility for it. Here is what happened last week and what contributed to my stalling in my weight loss. 1. I did not eat properly.

I usually eat breakfast after 10 minutes of being awake, this week I did not take any food for 2-3 hours after being awake and even skipped breakfast a few times. 2. Hydration: the water amount I should be consuming daily is between 3-4 liters a day, so I could stay hydrated for the day. Instead I was drinking 3-5 cups of coffee, which is totally dehydrating for the body. 3.

I did keep up with the exercise routine but was not pushing me hard enough and at times slacked off at times. 4. I ate dinner late every day. Our dinner time was pushed from 6-7 pm to 9-10 pm after which I did not have time or inclination to work it off. 5.

I snacked on Hummus, yes I have to admit to it. It was totally irresponsible and ignorant. Hummus is really a good source of protein but also high in fat and calories. 6. I slacked off eating between meals and also did not take my PG X and vitamins regularly.

7. I did not count calories, fat, protein and other things I was supposed to. 8. I did not release emotions and did not deal with them properly. All these eight things have greatly contributed to the stagnation, and I am lucky that I did not gain weight.

After identifying the things that I did not do properly, now I can change them and work to make things improve. I have a booklet on my kitchen counter that I use to write down all the food I eat in a day with all the attributes. Anything that comes out of the kitchen and I eat should be marked down and added up at the end of the day. It keeps me on track and I can modify things on a daily basis. I have to admit, I became obsessed with how wonderfully I was doing, and I did not want to eat too much so I could lose even more weight.

I went and snacked on Hummus and bread instead of having veggies cut up and munching on them. I also restricted the food intake during the day, which caused me to be tired and at times dizzy by the evening, which I covered up. My friend and Diane had been bugging me for not eating, but I just hushed them and denied starving myself. I never thought I would go to the extent of starving to lose weight. Even though I know better, I did do it.

Now, I can understand fully how people become so obsessed with exercise and weight loss that they will do anything to lose an extra pound. I made a commitment to myself: This week no more starvation and no more stressing over how much weight I will be losing. I will keep a track of my food consumption and will not let myself to slack off. Releasing emotions this week was not so successful. I have kept most of the things inside and did not take the time to write them out, let them go.

I did not want to take the time or rather that was the excuse. I strongly believe that dealing with and letting go of our emotions and pains contributes greatly to weight loss. When I continuously and consciously take care of my emotions I can feel the weight lift off. Here is what I usually do with my emotions. 1.

I have an e-mail account that no one has access to. I write out all my emotions, feelings, hurts and everything else in an e-mail and actually send it to myself. This way the only one who can read them is me, and don’t have to worry about what I write. 2. Write my feelings out on paper.

After finishing I usually pray for healing and then bur n it or if I cannot burn it, I rip the paper up into tiny pieces and flush them down in the toilet. The toilet method is safer since there is no chance for causing a fire. 3. I learned this next method from a wonderful friend of mine. This release is based on First Nation tradition.

Taking a little bit of the native healing medicine, prayer and letting go of the medicine in nature. It can be done near a fire, ocean, or any place in nature. This traditional medicine had helped me with some of my emotional and even physical healing. Emotional healing is something most people, I am included, don’t like to do. Facing the past and current emotions can be painful, and nobody likes to be in pain.

However, when we face them and learn to release them our bodies’ response to it by becoming healthier, our mental and emotional state becomes happier and our all around wellness is totally enhanced. The feeling I get is something like euphoria. My energy level sky rockets and I feel wonderful. My commitment: This week I will be paying more attention to my emotions and will work them out as soon as I feel them coming on. I will pay more attention to my pain body and pay more attention to my ego.

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