Whether we visit our doctor for a sniffle or a cough, or something more worrying, it’s important to take control of our health. Heart disorders are the second most common cause of death worldwide and high blood pressure or “hypertension” as it is also known, is invariably implicated at one level or another in cardiac related cases. If only we had an automatic defense to ward off high blood pressure; but Nature has provided us with some helpful pointers and for those who may be suffering from high blood pressure, the warning signs are there for us to find if we take the trouble to look. Remember, high blood pressure, often called “the silent killer”, arrives quietly and without drama so it simply makes sense to have regular blood pressure checkups. • It is quite likely that at some time, you have experienced a feeling of dizziness or light headedness. This may be due simply to tiredness, which will pass once you’ve had a nap or a good night’s sleep but it may also be linked to high blood pressure; indeed there may be both factors present! • Short term memory difficulties and mild confusion can be related to hypertension, which in turn could be linked to the onset and development of vascular dementia.

• It has also been attributed to and possibly confused by ear canal dysfunction but then again, perhaps it is one or the other or a combination of the two! I personally fit in that latter category and after a cardiac investigation and later, an involved audiologist’s investigation, I now have it under control. • Heredity; that is your genes – Your ethnicity may play a role in the development of hypertension, as well as your own family background A tough deal perhaps as you can’t choose your family but there are treatments and medication. • Hardened arteries have been shown to lead to elevated blood pressure. To complicate the matter, the presence of hypertension has also been demonstrated to be a possible cause of hardened the arteries. If you read up on it, you will find that both circumstances can apply! Reference is made to some other potential repercussions of hardening of the arteries later in this article.

• Blurring of sight and “floaters” can also be a related to high blood pressure • Sporadic nosebleeds may seem to arrive without any obvious cause especially if we don’t have allergies or have not sustained an injury to the nasal cavity but nosebleeds can certainly be a warning symptom of hypertension. • Ringing in the ears or tinnitus as it is also called is a problem from which many people suffer but it has also been associated with high blood pressure. • Another symptom of high blood pressure is experiencing breathing difficulties when lying down. • Shortness of breath during regular daily routines as in walking, climbing from the bath, climbing even a short flight of stairs. • I am not going to preach about this one so have left it to last and will only include this one paragraph. High blood pressure and smoking are inseparably linked. The nicotine content raises your blood pressure, reduces your good high-density lipoprotein (HDL), lowers the oxygen level in your blood and increases the chances of blood clots and all the potentially devastating consequences they can cause such as heart attack and stroke.

The good news is that within hours, your you would see a drop in your blood pressure and your heart rate. OK. No more will be said on the subject! The purpose of this article has been to alert you to the possibilities of suffering from hypertension and in that respect, I believe I have been successful. As you might suspect, there other symptoms of hypertension but I have tried to deal with some of the most common The conclusion should be obvious – have regular blood pressure check-ups! The symptoms are so easy to miss but it only takes a minute to have your blood pressure checked and without wanting to sound melodramatic, could save you from a premature death or at the very least improve the quality of your life. A simple trip to your physician or the practice nurse is all you need do or make it even easier in the longrun and buy your own home blood pressure monitor and do your whole family a favour at the same time.

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